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Valuing Customer Relations

Customer satisfaction and customer loyalty are among our most important measures of success. Via a central inquiry management system, customers can obtain information on our products, their applications and potential risks, and product certificates. Critical feedback from customers gives us valuable information on how we can further improve our products and processes. Based on a central CRM system and a uniform complaint management platform, each of our business units has its own market- and customer-oriented complaint management processes. Shared elements of these processes include clear targets, for example in relation to processing times for customer complaints, a corresponding statistical analysis of the complaints received, and structured monthly reporting to the management of the respective business unit.


In 2018, the majority of the customer complaints that were classified as justified following a review were attributable to logistics and particularly to the packaging of our products. In such cases, we always aim to find a sustainable solution to the problem that occurred together with our customer and the responsible logistics partner. For example, in 2018 we countered corrosion of p-chloride vats in the Additives business unit by using a different type of seal. Meanwhile, the Leather business unit successfully introduced a system for securing pallets in containers in line with customers’ needs. This directly resulted in faster and safer unloading and a considerably lower number of complaints.


Regular customer surveys conducted by an external service provider bring us important findings about our customers’ loyalty, their expectations, and their perception of our services in comparison to competitors. Each business unit conducts an anonymous online survey once every two years. In the 2017/2018 survey, the customer loyalty index score was 75.1, on a par with the previous year. Based on the results of the customer satisfaction analysis, we will continue to implement targeted measures in the business units in order to at least maintain this very good level of customer satisfaction and keep successfully retaining our customers.


Sebastian  Röhrig

Sebastian Röhrig
Head of Corporate Responsibility

Phone: +49 221 8885 1099

Fax: +49 221 8885 1769

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