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Sustainable Product Portfolio

LANXESS is committed to the Responsible Care® Global Charter, a comprehensive product stewardship initiative launched by the International Council of Chemical Associations (ICCA) that was the key factor in the development of the Global Product Strategy (GPS). This aims to provide basic information and risk assessments for substances so that the harmful impact of chemicals on human health and the environment can be minimized and products can be manufactured and distributed in such a way as to prevent injury to people and damage to the environment. In line with the aforementioned commitment, our product stewardship covers the safe handling of chemical substances and products throughout their life cycle – from research and development, procurement and production, through storage and transportation to marketing, downstream processing and disposal.


The Product Safety Management at LANXESS Directive steers the Group-wide observance of product stewardship and secures the participation of everyone involved. This applies in particular to those substances in our product portfolio that are classified as hazardous. Our Central Product Surveillance Directive systematically governs worldwide tracking of our products and their use in respect of potential health and environmental impacts. The information acquired is used by our product developers and product safety experts in their evaluations. Our Development of New or Changed Products, Processes and Applications Directive stipulates that development ideas themselves be analyzed systematically in terms of their potential economic, environmental and social impact. In this way, we ensure that non-sustainable products, processes or applications do not find their way into our development work.


In the case of consumer applications in particular – such as additives for use in food or animal feed, for food and drinking water contact or for use in cosmetic, pharmaceutical or medical products – we are keen that our products comply with national and international standards, certificates and quality hallmarks. In this way, we actively support our customers, for example, in the certification of their materials for drinking water contact applications or in the downstream processing of our products into certified goods for end users. Through intensive sharing of information with our customers and suppliers, we achieve greater transparency and safety across the entire product lifecycle.


Sebastian  Röhrig

Sebastian Röhrig
Head of Corporate Responsibility

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