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Uniform standards in production

LANXESS operates a total of 74 production sites and has a presence in 25 countries (investments ≥ 50% and 12 wholly-owned ARLANXEO sites, as of December 31, 2018). Our wide range of products requires the use of many different chemical and technical processes. Uniform standards for planning, building and operating plants ensure a high level of process, plant and occupational safety.


Handling chemical substances and working with technical equipment fundamentally involve health and safety risks. Wherever in the world we operate, we systematically identify these risks and the hazard potential – both for existing and new facilities – and minimize them by implementing defined preventive and protective measures. To ensure compliance with LANXESS directives and local regulations for the safe operation of facilities, experts on-site conduct audits based on targeted spot checks that are carried out with a frequency appropriate to the relevant risk profile. At each facility across the globe, compliance with the safety standards must be certified regularly.


We use an electronic reporting system (Incident Reporting System – IRS) to record accidents and events worldwide in line with uniform regulations. Injuries, transportation accidents, near-accidents, environmental incidents, instances of damage and security-relevant incidents such as theft are documented. Each event is carefully analyzed in order to draw conclusions as to how we can avoid similar incidents in the future.


All measures count towards our goal of continuously reducing the number events relating to inadequate system and process safety.


In addition to the pure number of incidents, we also collect parameters such as the Process Safety Total Incident Quote PSTIQ. This key figure enables us to take a closer look at the events from the point of view of process and plant safety and provides us with additional findings that have a positive effect on the processing of events.
We have set ourselves the target of achieving a PSTIQ of <2.2 for the 2019 financial year.


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