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Corporate Citizenship

As a company, we draw numerous benefits from society – well-trained employees, satisfied customers, legal and political stability and a functioning infrastructure. We therefore believe it is only right that we take responsibility for the development of the social environment in which we operate. We aim to be a sound and reliable partner for people around our sites. Our social commitment is based on our corporate expertise and targets and is therefore focused on four areas of activity: education, climate protection, water and culture.

Our targets are identical in all areas:

  • Mobilizing resources and people for social engagement
  • Enabling positive impacts on the company, the environment
    and society

Mobilising resources and people for social commitment

As in the previous year, we provided around €1.3 million* globally for our projects in 2018. The regional focal points of our activities in 2018 were the EMEA and USMCA regions.


* Type of contribution (in EUR): Cash contribution 1.3 million, in-kind-giving 0.03 million. In addition: Valued employee time contribution 0.05 million, valued management overheads 0.06 million.

Social Activities by Topic

Social Activities by Topic

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Social Activities by Type of Investment

Social Activities by Type of Investment

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 We initially evaluate our projects as to whether they are purely charitable (“charitable gifts”), whether we are investing in the social environment where our sites are located (“community investment”) or in corporate objectives such as image, sales and earnings with social motives (“commercial initiative”).

Enabling positive impacts on the company, the environment and society

In total, more than 233,000 people (previous year: around 200,000) benefited from our projects. As well as the absolute number of beneficiaries, we also measure the societal impact of our activities via a system of performance indicators. For all projects, we conduct an impact analysis, taking into account impacts in the vicinity of the site as well as positive environmental impacts and effects on our business. Specific feedback from beneficiaries of our projects is a key factor here. We regard these indicators as important benchmarks for the impact-oriented management of our measures.

Dimensions of the Impact of evaluated Activities and Projects

Dimensions of the Impact of evaluated Activities and Projects

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LANXESS sees commitment to education as a crucial part of a sustainable corporate policy. As a specialty chemicals group, we need well-trained employees in order to ensure growth and value creation. Along with investment in training for our own employees, we also support young scientists in schools and universities. Within the context of the LANXESS education initiative, we have established projects at many sites to get young people interested in science at an early stage. We promote this through financial support to schools and collaborations in the area of scientific teaching. For instance, LANXESS supports a wide range of projects from climate monitoring to crystal growing in schools in the area of its German locations with funding of almost €70,000. We have also put on laboratory days at high schools for the first time. Based on the positive response, this commitment is to be continued.

Climate protection

Climate protection is a long-term challenge and is hugely important to the future of our company. Our aim is to set the course for sustainable development and climate-conscious conduct, including in the communities in which we operate. In India, we have helped the local authorities to buy and maintain solar lights in the district around the LANXESS Nagda site. As well as making the access routes safer, the new lighting saves energy. To ensure long-term preservation of the ecological balance at the Nagda site, we also work to maintain and develop the municipal garden. At our Brazilian sites, we are committed to increasing awareness of climate-related and environmental issues through the “Green Cycle” competition, in which we help participants to implement projects focused on sustainable development. 44 projects have already been successfully launched.


Clean water is in short supply in many regions of the world. Our products are used all over the world to save, clean and transport water. One focus of our social engagement is enhancing awareness worldwide of the causes and consequences of water scarcity – for both drinking and industrial uses. In the reporting
year, LANXESS invited representatives from politics, science, environmental organizations and businesses to a round-table meeting in order to discuss water supply. Along with a holistic assessment of the challenges, solutions were also discussed in depth. As part of our societal activities, we encourage people to use water more responsibly, and we run local projects to help deliver a clean drinking water supply and a lasting improvement in quality of life for the population. In India, for example, a water filtration plant was installed in a school near the Jhagadia site. Provision of the schoolchildren and the local population with water is ensured by this investment of around €30,000. For the third successive year, we held a research competition entitled “Clean water for a better life.” The aim is to promote and support highly talented young people and raise awareness of water problems among the public and schoolchildren. Students from universities all over China took part this year.


We are convinced that successful scientific work and, ultimately, social progress can only flourish in a culture of thought, research and critical evaluation. As part of our cultural commitment, we therefore sponsor both literary and musical talents. In the literary field, we have been the main partner to lit.Cologne since 2010. With around 200 events, Europe’s biggest literary festival attracts more than 100,000 visitors. The second mainstay of our cultural commitment is support for musical training. We support the Ozawa International Chamber Music Academy, which enables talented young musicians from across Asia to receive a top-quality musical education. LANXESS has also been a partner of the Kölner Philharmonie in Cologne, one of Europe’s leading cultural institutions. We have supported the contemporary music festival “Acht Brücken” (Eight Bridges) for several years; the opening event, involving several performances, was held outside and inside the LANXESS Group’s headquarters for the first time.


Sebastian  Röhrig

Sebastian Röhrig
Head of Corporate Responsibility

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