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Values and Culture

LANXESS’s identity is based on five central values: respect, ownership, trust, professionalism and integrity. These values apply always and everywhere – and to all employees. We seek to foster a corporate culture in which responsible and morally irreproachable actions and striving for performance do not contradict but complement each other.

Human rights

In line with our values and operational guidelines, we are committed in all our markets and supply chains to promoting respect for human rights at all times and systematically preventing child and forced labor, for example. At LANXESS, human rights and ethical principles apply without restriction, even if they are not stipulated in the legislation of individual countries. Our target is formulated with corresponding clarity: in all areas over which LANXESS has control, there should be no breaches of human rights.


The  "LANXESS Position on Human Rights" describes in detail our commitment to human rights and its implementation through several group-wide due diligence mechanisms. It also provides information on established prevention and mitigation measures regarding human rights areas of particular concern identified for the LANXESS Group.


The individual areas of particular concern to LANXESS are each covered by a specific global management approach to mitigate human rights risks. Should an incident occur despite these measures, we take appropriate remediation and damage limitation measures.

LANXESS Position on Human Rights

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Areas of Particular Concern - Details

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By signing the U.N. Global Compact, we have undertaken to actively counter all forms of corruption. Here too, our target is no incidents. Prevention of corruption is part of our general compliance management system. Organizational measures and regulations for setting up the compliance management system as well as responsibilities for implementation, support and continuous monitoring of the system are defined in a guideline applicable throughout the Group. The respective site management, supported here too by our global compliance organization and local country compliance officers, is responsible for preventing instances of corruption at all times.