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Commitment to international standards and frameworks

The U.N. Global Compact is the world’s biggest and most important initiative for responsible corporate governance. On the basis of ten universal principles, it pursues the vision of an inclusive and sustainable global economy that benefits all people, communities and markets. As a signatory, we acknowledge these principles to be an inalienable right.


Responsible Care® is the name of the chemical industry’s initiative to achieve progress in safety and environmental protection independently of legal requirements. By signing the Responsible Care® Global Charter, we have documented our commitment to the visions and ethical principles of this initiative launched by the International Council of Chemical Associations (ICCA). Our corporate directives ensure that the principles of the charter are integrated into our management principles and corporate strategy.

Among the internationally recognized principles of business activity to which we are committed are the employment standards of the International Labour Organization, an agency of the United Nations. These are aimed at ensuring compliance with globally recognized social standards and thereby improving the employment and living conditions of all people.

The Ten Principles of the U.N. Global Compact

Ten principles of U.N. Global Compact

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