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Xact: Global initiative for greater safety

Our global safety initiative “Xact” is aimed at gradually lifting the safety culture of LANXESS to a higher level. Starting with senior management, all employees are to work together to improve safety throughout the company. This is driven by our firm belief that every industrial accident is avoidable. We have set ourselves the target by 2025 of reducing the LTIFR by more than half compared to 2016.


LANXESS uses the recordable incident rate (RIR, the number of injuries per 200,000 working hours that are reportable as per OSHA rules) and the lost time injury frequency rate (LTIFR, known as MAQ in Germany and describing the number of lost time injuries for every million hours worked) as indicators for evaluating occupational safety. The LTIFR in 2018 was 1.5. Adjusted for ARLANXEO, the LTIFR was 1.4. As in previous years, no fatal accidents occurred in 2018.


The RIR, which also includes accidents with no days lost in accordance with OSHA rules, was 0.6 in 2018 and in continuing operations as well as after adjustment for ARLANXEO. Companies have been taking occupational safety increasingly seriously in recent years. This increased focus at all hierarchy levels has helped to continuously reduce serious accidents on a lasting basis.




Guidelines and Principles

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Work-Related Injuries to LANXESS Employees Resulting in Absence from Work (LTIFR) 2018

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Work-Related Inuries to LANXESS Employees That are Reportable in Accordance with OSHA Regulations (RIR) 2018

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