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Work and training

In the medium term, illness and retirement – both regular and early – will mean that many vacancies require filling, especially in career paths such as chemical production technician, mechanic/fitter and engineer. For instance, 42 additional “demographic jobs” were approved in the reporting year, all of which were utilized. This means that we have so far created around 80 demography positions. We will again be creating extra jobs in key positions in 2019 to counter demographic change.


In the context of the HR transformation project, we have also started to revise our existing workforce planning process and set up a global strategic workforce planning process. The aim is to simulate the long-term staffing supply – taking into account retirements, natural turnover, etc. – and compare it against our long-term staffing requirements, taking into account the corporate strategy and technological changes. This enables us to identify staff shortages at an early stage and instigate appropriate HR measures.


Sebastian  Röhrig

Sebastian Röhrig
Head of Corporate Responsibility

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