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Time and organization

Via flexible working-time models, we intend to ease the workload of employees in all phases of life, e.g. employees with family or older employees, keep their expertise in the company and enhance our appeal on the labor market. For instance, with the “Flexi 95” project for managers launched in 2017, we are working towards an intelligent way of extending part-time employment to senior management. In the Flexi-95 model, the level of employment is reduced to 95% with a corresponding adjustment to remuneration, meaning that a full-time worker is entitled to 13 extra days off per year. Given the positive response to the pilot project (71 participants since 2017), a decision was made in 2018 to fully incorporate “flexitime” into our offering to senior management and also launch a pilot project for junior and middle management.


In view of the results of the survey of our managers and the desire it reflected for more flexible working and working-time models as well as greater transparency regarding existing options, we approved global flexibility principles in the reporting year under the heading “Xwork – Flexible Work”. We will develop country-specific guidelines on flexible working conditions from these principles in 2019 and introduce corresponding models. Guidelines concerning this for Germany were approved in the reporting year. These have been communicated and implemented since the start of 2019.

Flexible working

Flexible working time

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