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Savings and retirement provision

Safeguarding retirement flexibly

LANXESS also offers financial security for retirement – with comprehensive elements for retirement provisions. In addition to the base pension, there is the option of converting earnings into pension contributions (the so-called "Entgeltumwandlung"). The basic principle: Employees convert part of their gross income into additional company provisions – and LANXESS tops the contributions up with an employer's contribution.


On top of this we have created an instrument with the "long-term account" that enables employees to shape their transition into retirement on a more individual and flexible basis. Because not every employee wants to, or can, work up until the official retirement age. Credit is saved by both the employer and the employee over a period of time on the "long-term account" that can be used for a work-free period prior to retirement. As such, LANXESS pays an annual so-called "demographic contribution" onto the account, which the employees can supplement with voluntary contributions.


Sebastian  Röhrig

Sebastian Röhrig
Head of Corporate Responsibility

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