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Overcoming demographic challenges

Two regions of commercial significance for LANXESS – Europe, especially Germany and Belgium, and the U.S. – are hit particularly hard by the problem of an aging society. Accordingly, competition for qualified young talent is intensifying. This particularly applies to scientific and technical careers. We are countering this challenge with an extensive demographic program called XCare.


The program, originally designed and implemented for our German companies, is currently being rolled out globally. It is aimed at providing solutions to the challenges of a rise in the average age of our employees, combined with an increasing shortage of young talent. The measures we are bundling under the umbrella of XCare extend to five action areas:



  • People and health
  • Work and training
  • Time and organization
  • Career and family life
  • Savings and retirement provision
Employee Structure by Employment Type, Gender and Region 2018

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Sebastian  Röhrig

Sebastian Röhrig
Head of Corporate Responsibility

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