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Career and family life

Work/life balance matters to an ever-growing number of employees. A total of 7% of our employees in Germany aged between 20 and 40 made use of the option to take parental leave. Of this figure, 56% were fathers. 89% of the employees who ended a parental leave period in 2018 returned to a job at LANXESS.

Our “Xkids” daycare center in Leverkusen offers around 50 places – all of which are full – for children aged between six months and six years in two preschool groups and one group for infants and toddlers. We also offer our employees places in daycare centers in Cologne, emergency childcare places and a nationwide agency service for childcare staff and provision. Statutory maternity leave is a matter of course in Germany, and similar models are in place in other European Union countries. However, it is by no means standard practice around the world. For that reason, we investigate whether we can introduce or expand country-specific models for our employees at sites outside Europe. As LANXESS supports work life integration globally we sponsor child care services wherever feasible, like in Spain or in Brazil. These services help us to recruit new employees, retain highly qualified personnel, and to facilitate the reentry after maternity/paternity leave.


Against the backdrop of demographic change, caregiving is an important issue in Germany. Caregiver leave is at the heart of the LANXESS caregiving program. This allows employees to reduce their working time to a greater extent than their salary during the care phase and to make up the shortfall when they return to work. In 2018 we offered a series of expert lectures for employees on-site about topics like patient decree, organisation and financing of home care or dementia,

Options for childcare, maternity/paternity leave and care models worldwide

Maternity leave

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