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Awards and Recognitions

Being recognized for your effort means more than just getting an award

Sustainability Award

February, 2019. This year, the North Rhine-Westphalia regional association of the Chemical Industry Association (VCI NRW) honoured outstanding projects in the Responsible Care competition on the subject of "Good ideas for sustainability in the supply chain". First place went to the application "Resource-efficient production of leather chemicals" submitted by LANXESS AG. The plant, which LANXESS developed together with its technology partner INVITE, saves the tannery the cost of disposing of around two tons of waste a day and at the same time provides it with a product that it can re-use: liquid biopolymers that improve leather properties. Transport, storage and packaging costs are eliminated.

German Innovation Award for LANXESS

February 2018, Berlin. LANXESS, the specialty chemicals company, has been honored with the 2017 German Innovation Award for Climate and the Environment. LANXESS received the award in the category “Environmentally-friendly products and services” for an innovative technology developed for the recycling of residues from the leather manufacturing process. Under the title “Resource-efficient production of leather chemicals” (ReeL), the specialty chemicals company collaborated with the research institute INVITE from Leverkusen on the realization of a concept for a modular plant for the production of a retanning agent with the brand name “X-Biomer” from leather offcuts, trimmings and shavings, up until now generally a waste product for disposal, and plant-based biomass.

Two CSR awards for LANXESS

China, January 2018. LANXESS received the "CSR Enterprise Award" at the 2nd China CSR Annual Summit and the "Top Responsible Enterprise" award from China Petroleum and Chemical Industry Corporate Citizen Model List. LANXESS strives to combine safety, environmental protection, social responsibility and commercial efficiency in its business operations, and find the way to achieve sustainable development in China by carrying on a series of Corporate Responsibility (CR) activities.

LANXESS one of the top employers 2018

The results of "Top Employer China 2018" were announced and LANXESS Greater China was included for many years and this time again in the list. The Top Employers Institute found in its research that LANXESS Greater China has provided its employees with excellent employee welfare, focusing on talent development at all levels within the organization and demonstrating excellence in human resources, while being committed to optimizing its HR practices and continuing to grow. With its competitive employee welfare, LANXESS Greater China won the favor of the appraisal team of the Top Employers Institute and was again certified as a Top Employer China 2018.

Awards for LANXESS

LANXESS won the Golden Bee Enterprise Award, the AICM Responsible Care Chairman’s Award and the Top 500 Chinese Brands Award. LANXESS received these awards for its action and influence in corporate social responsibility and brand building.

LANXESS won "More Than a Market Award 2017"

On the evening of June 15th, the second More Than a Market Awards Gala was held in Shanghai. LANXESS stood out from 75 submitted projects and won the award with its “Clean Water for Better Life” University Students Water Research Competition project, being a role model of German enterprises in the practice of fulfilling its social responsibility in China.

"Best-Practice"-Award for LANXESS

China, July 2016. LANXESS was listed in the "2016 Yicai The Corporate Social Responsibility Ranking" and won the "Best Practice" award for outstanding achievements in corporate social responsibility in Shanghai.

We have always been adhering to the philosophy of “Good for business, good for society" said Ming Cheng Chien, CEO of LANXESS Greater China.

Accolade for LANXESS: “100 plants for resource efficiency”

Mannheim, November 2016. The Baden-Württemberg Ministry of the Environment, Climate Protection and the Energy Sector (together with the top regional business associations) honored the LANXESS site in Mannheim as one of the “100 plants for resource efficiency.” The goal of this alliance is to record, document and publish savings potential in the energy and materials sectors.

The site received the same accolade one year ago. There, employees succeeded in recovering around 150 metric tons of phenol from wastewater annually, returning it to the synthesis process.

LANXESS India: Double awarded

Mumbai, September 2016. In a felicitation event held in Mumbai, LANXESS India was conferred with two awards: I.C.C. awards for Responsible Care and Efficient Waste Management for the year 2015. The I.C.C. Certificate of Merit for Efficient Waste Management was awarded as the company's production processes are well integrated in a manner such that several by-products in the product chain are fed back as raw materials for production of other compounds.

LANXESS won two awards

China, July 2016. LANXESS was awarded "2016 Outstanding Brand Image Award".
In competition for the "2016 Invest in Green Future CSR Excellence Awards", LANXESS China "Clean Water for Better Life" project stood out from 100 cases from 83 companies and won in the category of community engagment through public voting and expert's evaluation.

VCI (Association of Chemical Industry) "Responsible Care-Award" for LANXESS

Düsseldorf, June 2016. LANXESS

was honored for the project called

"Nitrous oxide reduction plant neutralize climate-harmful nitrous oxide". The ceremony took place during the "Parliamentary Evening" of the VCI in Düsseldorf, with around 160 guests from politcs, ministries, authorities, science and economy.

CSR Communication award for LANXESS

China, January 2016. LANXESS was entitled the "Best Corporate CSR Communication Award" at the 5th China Charity Festival. LANXESS won this award to its persistence in corporate social resonsibility activities.

LANXESS China earns two awards

China, January 2016. LANXESS received the "2015 Beautiful China CSR Model Award" and "All-Round Excellence Award during '12th Five-year Plan", recognizing its efforts in environment protection as well as its management to supply chain sustainability.

LANXESS won the Award for the second consecutive year

LANXESS has won “2015 Best CSR Award” from “Salute to China Dream” – the 4th China Finance Summit in recognition of the company’s leadership in fulfilling corporate social responsibility and developing in an environmental-compatible way. 

LANXESS listed as 2014 Top 500 Enterprises for Corporate Social Responsibility in China

China, March 31, 2015. The Top 500 Enterprises for Corporate Social Responsibility in China was released for the first time on March 27 in Beijing Diaoyutai State Guesthouse. LANXESS was ranked 130 in the list. The Top 500 Enterprises for Corporate Social Responsibility in China was released by China Enterprise Evaluation Association (CEEA) and School of Social Sciences, Tsinghua University.

LANXESS recognized with sustainability award

Pittsburgh, December 2014 – LANXESS Corporation was honored with the Sustainability Award at the Pittsburgh Business Times’ 12th annual Manufacturer of the Year awards ceremony. Flemming B. Bjoernslev, LANXESS Corporation’s president and CEO, attended the event and accepted the award on behalf of the organization. “Our goal is to create genuine added value for our clients by enabling sustainability in their value chain,” Bjoernslev said. “Our products are used in tires and automobiles, in addition to countless household, leisure and other items that make our lives better every single day, and I am very pleased our organization and employees have been recognized for that.”

A LANXESS employee awarded “Responsible Care Outstanding Promoter of China Petroleum and Chemical Industry” title

China, November 2014 -- Roger Wang, Greater China HSE Manager at LANXESS, was recognized for adhering to responsible-care codes, for actively contributing to LANXESS’ health, safety and environment (HSE) work, and for establishing and effectively operating an HSE management system. Wang was awarded the title of “Responsible Care Outstanding Promoter of China Petroleum and Chemical Industry” for his outstanding performance and contributions to facilitating responsible care in the industry.

LANXESS S.A. de C.V. receives award for excellence in Responsible Care

Mexico, November 3, 2014. LANXESS S.A. de C.V. has received an award for excellence in Responsible Care for its exceptional work in the area of chemical products distribution management and excelling in all sustainability topics following an audit at the two Mexico sites. The business model in which the chemical industry’s productive operations are developed have changed in recent years throughout the world. All the industry players pursue not only the final benefit and profit of the products and developments offered by this sector, but they also consider the sustainability of their operations across their entire value chain: the social, environmental and economic aspects in every market they serve.

LANXESS honored with prestigious Golden Rubber Award

China, October 2014 – LANXESS was awarded for providing the “Best Model of Social Responsibility” for its contributions to the sustainable development of China’s rubber industry and for offering pioneering technical expertise. The Golden Rubber Awards have been referred to as the “Oscars of the rubber industry” and are regarded as one of the most prestigious honors in the field.

LANXESS India receives another award from the Indian Chemical Council for water resource management

Mumbai, September 30, 2014 -- LANXESS India Private Limited was acknowledged for its exceptional work in the area of water resource management. The company has systematically pursued an integrated water management strategy at its manufacturing site in Nagda, Madhya Pradesh, and has been working towards a goal of “zero discharge,” which has now been accomplished through its Waste Water Post-Treatment Plant. The award for Water Resource Management in Chemical Industry was made by the ICC in appreciation of the company’s perseverance in meeting very high water resource management standards at the site.

LANXESS selected as Launch Nordic innovator

Cologne, September 2014 -- Specialty chemicals group LANXESS was selected as one of the top nine Launch Nordic Innovators for 2014. The company was invited to present its “Green Leather Crust” concept at the Launch Nordic Forum in Malmö, Sweden, on September 10 and 11. The forum’s purpose is to bring together global industry leaders and regional companies to identify sustainable innovations in materials. Approximately 80 applications related to materials and textiles were submitted from all over the world. Nine leading innovations were chosen by a panel of experts.

Best Green Company Award

China, June 2014 -- LANXESS received the award for “Best Green Company” at the “Salute to the China Dream” China Finance Summit. LANXESS was singled out from among more than 400 companies for taking an approach to corporate responsibility that includes suppliers, customers and other business partners along the whole value chain, from raw materials and production to transportation and product applications.

GoldenBee Leading Enterprises Award

China, June 2014 -- Competing against more than 300 companies, LANXESS won the GoldenBee Leading Enterprises Award, part of the GoldenBee CSR China Honor Roll presented by China’s WTO Tribune journal. The award recognizes the company’s significant contributions to the sustainable development of China’s automotive industry through its green tire technology and innovation solutions for tire makers.

The Queb-Special-Award

Cologne, March 2014 -- LANXESS received the Queb-Special-Award for “Diversity in Recruiting” in a ceremony held at Bensberg Palace outside of Cologne. The company was recognized for developing a training program for people returning to work after being engaged for multiple years in family obligations. The program meets a vital need for many people seeking to reenter the job market in what has traditionally been a difficult transition. The primary target group is academics who would like to rejoin the workforce after approximately seven years of child rearing or caring for family members.

LANXESS unit recognized for “Advanced Unit of Safety Production”

Qingdao, China, February 2014 -- Rhein Chemie (Qingdao) Co. Ltd. received two awards from the Work Safety Committee of the Qingdao People’s Government. The first was to honor it as an “Advanced Unit of Safety Production,” and the second saluted the company’s “Municipal Model Enterprise of Safety Culture-Building.” Both awards were bestowed to honor Rhein Chemie’s achievements in safe production, safety training and building a comprehensive culture of safety in 2013.

An award for being an “Environment-Friendly Enterprise” in Changzhou

Changzhou, China, January 2014 -- LANXESS’ Changzhou site received multiple awards for excellence in environmental protection, sustainable development and safety management. One such award was for being an “Environment-Friendly Enterprise,” while a second was for being an “Advanced Enterprise of Safety Management.” Both were presented by the Administrative Committee of the Changzhou Yangtze Riverside Economic Development Zone.

LANXESS China earns two awards

China, December 9, 2013 -- LANXESS fared well on the 2013 “China Petroleum and Chemical Corporate Citizen Model List.” The results were announced and the awards were presented in Bo’ao (Hainan Province). For its outstanding performance in social responsibility and technical innovation, LANXESS won the “Responsible Care Model Award” and the “Technical Innovation Model Award.” LANXESS Greater China CEO Chien Ming Cheng was on hand to accept the awards on behalf of the company.

Baytown Earns SOCMA Award

New York, December 2013 – LANXESS' Baytown site was recognized with a Silver Product Stewardship award at the Society of Chemical Manufacturers and Affiliates’ (SOCMA) 92nd Annual Dinner, held in New York City. LANXESS Corporation President and CEO, Flemming B. Bjoernslev, attended the event and accepted the award on the site’s behalf. The award is part of SOCMA’s ChemStewards 2013 Performance Improvement Awards. ChemStewards is an environmental, health, safety and security (EHS&S) management program designed to help facilities optimize performance, save money and enhance their role as good corporate citizens in the community.

Sustainability award for Port Jérôme

France, December 2013 – LANXESS’ production site for high-performance rubber in Port-Jérôme, France, received a prize from the GRANDDE sustainability group at the end of November 2013 in a ceremony at l’Abbaye de Valasse (Gruchet La Valasse). The Normandy-based organization, which unites companies with academic and research institutions, honored LANXESS for its “Green Mobility” campaign. The campaign was launched in May 2012 on the 50th anniversary of the Port-Jérôme site.

LANXESS Liyang is awarded Changzhou “Labor Protection Model Company”

Changzhou, China, September 2013 – Bestowed by the Changzhou Municipal Human Resources and Social Security Bureau, the award recognizes those companies that offer employees full labor protection and fully comply with all relevant labor laws.

AICM-Award recognizes leadership in the field of responsible care

China, April 2013 – LANXESS was honored by the Association of International Chemical Manufacturers (AICM) with a Responsible Care Chairman Award at a ceremony held April 23 in Beijing. LANXESS, selected from a field of more than 50 international chemical companies, was recognized for its excellent practices in responsible care, the environment, health and safety, corporate social responsibility and sustainability.


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