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We proudly present: the LANXESS arena!

Germany’s largest multipurpose arena continues to be named after LANXESS

Specialty chemicals company LANXESS will continue to give its name to the LANXESS arena in Cologne. The company signed a corresponding agreement with Arena Management GmbH. The new agreement comes into effect on January 1, 2019 for an initial term of five years.

“This sponsoring agreement is a success story between two strong partners: LANXESS, a leading global specialty chemicals company, and the LANXESS arena, one of the top 10 arenas worldwide,” says Matthias Zachert, CEO of LANXESS AG. “As a Cologne-based company, we are proud to continue to lend the arena our name. It is a city landmark and draws people from all over the world. Together with our corporate headquarter, located in the immediate vicinity of the arena on the banks of the River Rhine, we have created a unique architectural ensemble that brings the LANXESS brand to life, making it visible both here in Cologne and beyond. It also is our way of demonstrating our commitment to our home location.”

For Stefan Löcher, general manager of Arena Management GmbH, extending the agreement with LANXESS also is an important step into the future: “Since we concluded the original agreement back in 2008, the LANXESS Arena has become an unmatched success story. We succeeded in recent years in steadily increasing capacity utilization and are today firmly established in the ranks of the world’s most successful multipurpose arenas. Such a positive outcome would have been unimaginable without a partner like LANXESS. We are very proud that our collaboration with LANXESS is now entering the next round and that we will be facing upcoming challenges together.”

Cologne’s mayor Henriette Reker is pleased with the continued partnership: “I am very happy to see the continuation of this shared success story. We, the city and the region, benefit from this strong partnership: LANXESS is a strong engine for Cologne’s economy. The LANXESS arena attracts over 1.6 million visitors a year and is an important part of our city’s event and tourism branch.”

The partnership between LANXESS and the arena began nine years ago. The company was looking for a landmark in North Rhine-Westphalia to visualize its commitment to the Cologne region and to Germany as a business location. The company took advantage of the arena’s attraction to make the name LANXESS known in Cologne and beyond.

With success: in 2013, after bearing the name for five years, nine out of 10 Cologne residents were familiar with the LANXESS arena. In 2009 this figure was just one in five. 



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